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Overlay type:

Size: 5
Fill: #5E4FA2
Stroke: #5E4FA2

Stroke width: 1

Stroke dasharray:

Stroke linecap:

Font size:

Radius: Stroke:

Opacity: 1


Color scheme:

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Map size w: h:
Heightmap template
Graph size 1
Burgs count 500
Countries count 13
Countries disbalance 5
Neutral distance 200
Precipitation 15
Swampness 10
Coastline curvature 0.2
Coast outline layers
Coastline style


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Fantasy Map Generator is an online tool which produces a procedurally generated fantasy maps. You may either use an auto-generated maps or create you own map manually or with a help of templates or image converter. Check out the wiki for guidance.

This is a Demo version, project is still under development. For older versions see the changelog. Some details are covered in my blog. To track the current progress see the devboard.

Please report bugs and suggest new features here. You may also send me an email.

Coord: 0/0; Cell: 0; Height: 0; Type: no